Land Rover Defender Diagnostics & Fault Finding

We are equipped with factory diagnostic equipment allowing us to quickly and effectively diagnose a fault.

Our teams vast experience with Land Rover Defender makes us aware of the common issues and faults and the best and most cost effective way to rectify them.

Diagnostic system are not crystal balls they merely point you in the direction of the fault and allow you to test components. It’s from here that skill and experience of a qualified diagnostic technician are most valuable and why its so important that the technician working on the Land Rover Defender really knows the vehicle. For this reason we purchase our own Land Rover Defender models to and extensively train on them to be at the front of Land Rover Defender diagnostic fault finding and repair.

We are skilled in;

  • Diagnostic code reading
  • Component testing
  • Advanced diagnostics and repair
  • Component coding
  • Component repair